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No strings attached - we're looking for lateral sworn officers with over one year of experience in the State of California to join our team. Upon completion of interviewing and onboarding, new officers will be rewarded with a $25,000 signing bonus made in 3 payments during the first two years of service.


The incentive will be offered with $15,000 on the officer’s third paycheck, $5,000 at one year and the last $5,000 at two years. The City of El Cajon Police Department has always had a focus on staffing and recruitment, as well as a feeling of support from the El Cajon residents and City Council.

The department currently has 124 sworn officers out of 126 positions, with the council approval for 10 over-hires, allowing for 12 currently open officer positions. 

Future Opportunities

Below are positions we regularly hire for. There may be no immediate openings, but we encourage you to reach out if there is a position of future interest.

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